Wednesday, July 20, 2011

this is what i call LIFE

I am not born rich.
my mom is only a general clerk when i first born.
and my dad, his salary is only RM400 monthly.
we have no car.
my mom have to went to medical check up monthly by bus.
my house is what people call SETINGGAN.
yes, i have been though that kind of life.
i am SETINGGAN girl.
soon after my great grandmother passed away, we moved to a FLAT HOUSE.
there i grown up.
we only have our first car in 1996, the year that my parent had their 3rd daughter.
all these while, buses and taxis are our main transportation.
we've been in a lot of hardship.
i can just can't tell how hard life is for our family.
my parents work very hard to keep us alive.
life is not that easy.
we were surrounded by debts.
and now, after all these years, don't ask me why i'm taking such a drastic decision about my future.
this is my family.
they are all that i have left.
it is my time to do whatever i can to keep this family bond together.
i just can bear to see my mom crying everyday, thinking about our future.
people can just look and talk.
the one that feels the burden is our family.
i can just left my family alone.
this is my resposibility now and forever.
this is what i call LIFE.

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