Friday, January 13, 2012


yes, i'm 23 this year.
yes, i'm still mummy's and abah's little girl
yes, i choose my family instead of everything

if you ask me, am i going to get married?
insyaAllah, bila ada jodoh
instead of me looking for it, biarlah ianya datang sendiri.

the eldest in the family ain't easy
i got responsibilities over everything

*adik nak duit utk rugby. kena bayar utk seluar baru
*buku sekolah tak beli lagi
*duit bas tak bayar lagi

but this is my family.  i just can't live without them.
i dun give a damn bout myself
tak cukup duit, takde bf, takde apa pon tak kisah
yang penting i got my family
and Allah will always be here with me

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