Saturday, January 28, 2012


Alone, in the office, on Saturday. Yeah, I don't even know what is rest. Work on Sunday? Yeah, quite sometimes too. LIFE? What is that? Owh, I can defined MY LIFE is a chapter of my life.

Monday to Friday

5:45am    :-  Wake up, mandi, Subuh.
6:20am    :-  Send adik2 to school.
6:50am    :-  Off to work. Hantar mummy at Batu 3, Shah Alam. Then abah at Glenmarie.
7:45am    :-  Hello federal highway, on my way to office now.
8:30am    :-  Arrives at work safely. Start my routine.
12:30pm  :-  Lunch peeps!
1:30pm    :-  Back to routine.
7:15pm    :-  Home peeps!
8:00pm    :-  Hello students! Tice Zarith is here. 
11:00pm  :-  Home.
11:30pm  :-  Nite ya'll.

Saturday to Sunday

5:45am   :-  Wake up, mandi, Subuh.
7:00am   :-  Send abah to office at Glenmarie.
8:30am   :-  Home tutor ya'll.
11:00am :-  Mummy, i'm home!
5:30pm   :-  Abah is coming home.
8:00pm   :-  Home tutor ya'll.
11:00pm :-  Homey, nite ya'll.

Well, that is my life about. Been doing the same thing from the past 2 years. And yes i'm happy with it.

"Hey, tak lepak dengan kawan2 ke?"
"Mana leisure time kau?"
"Tak bosan ke buat benda sama hari2?"
"Gila takde life kau nie!"
"Bosannya hidup kau weh!"
"Durhhh! Cikgunya laa kau skang. Bosan!"

Those are the questions that they asked me. This is my life. Let me handle it the way i want it to be. Nak berkurung kat dalam umah ke, takde life ke, apa ke, takde normal life ke, hmmm, biar laa. I was the one who wanted it to be like this. Biar laa beribu kali abah and mummy suruh keluar and get a life pon, i'm the one who want it to be this way.

"Ayong, tak keluar dengan kawan2 ke?"
"Kau nie abah tengok mcm tak happy je. Pergi laa mana2. Bercuti ke."
"Dah pegang duit sendiri, nak pegi mana pon abah tak kesah dah."
"Ayong kena fikir pasal future ayong jugak."
"Takde bf ke kau nie yong?"
"Kak ya! Bila nak kawin? Dah kerja boleh dah laa."
"Ya! Jom teman pergi jalan?"
"Ayong, takde class nie tanak pergi mana2 ke?"

My parents know that i'm a big girl now. They know that i will have my own life. They force me to get my own life. Nahhh... Let it be.

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