Friday, July 13, 2012


Dear Diary,

It's your 23rd Birthday today. The last birthday that you're going to celebrate before u married. I don't know what makes me so strong, after all the things that happened to us, I still got the strength to wish you. 

Apart of being stupid, I just can't lie to myself that I'm still loving you. The first love that I cherish. The first guy that belong to my heart, and it will always remain there even we're not together anymore. I'm trying very hard to vanished you away from my heart, to keep me from thinking about you. But I guess, it is not as simple as ABC. 

I text you last night, "Happy 23rd Birthday." He did replied, "Thanks. Hope that we can be best friend. Kosong2 eh lepas nie? I'm getting married." As I told you before, I am happy whenever you are. Am I going to attend your wed? InsyaAllah. Or I might be running away on your big day. Who knows. Let the time decide for me. 

I'm taking a deep breath now. Hope that I can let go. Even though it seems not easy, I'm trying the best that I can do to letting you go. All the best dear Mr. First Love. 

Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be. 

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