Sunday, September 16, 2012

Changing 360 Degree

Salam dear readers,

It's gonna be my 3rd week in CMA CGM. Shipping line is making my life 360 degree turning upside down. All about kapal things, much much much different from what i'm doing previous in automotive. Haihhh. Kerja senang tapi biggggggg responsiblity. Like seriously!

May this upcoming week brings much more fun for the new environment!

Insya Allah.

UiTM Bestiessss Day Out!

Salam dear readers,

I'm having a great day with my besties yesterday. Makan, gelak gelak, makan, camwhoring, beli belah, chatime, makan, and so many other things. Thanks to dear besties, Fara Fauzia, datang jauh2 from Dungun with Zainal Azlan. Nurul Huda, Atieku, and Yaya.

Happy Wed, Siti Nurmaziahtun & Romzie

Salam dear readers,

My dearly bff from my secondary school, Siti Nurmaziahtun selamat diijabkabulkan dengan pasangannya, Romzie Romidzan. They are both my friend. :))


And, lepas majlis nikah tue, ktorang semua sempat pegi open house kat umah Ahmad Lutfi, our classmate kat secondary school. 

Second day: The Majlis Persandingan :)

Second week: The Majlis Menyambut Menantu at Romzie's Place

Dear friend, moga bahagia until akhir hayat and cepat dapat babies!!!